Human, Social, and Political Sciences Tripos

Politics and International Relations


Social Anthropology

Biological Anthropology


Human, Social, and Political Sciences (HSPS) is an exciting new degree available at Cambridge in 2013–14.

If you are interested in Politics and International Relations, Sociology, Social Anthropology, Biological Anthropology, or Archaeology, or combinations of these subjects, then this is the course for you. In addition there is the opportunity to specialise in Assyriology and Egyptology. The richness of the course is further enhanced by the option to select papers from a range of subjects outside HSPS.

The course offers both breadth and specialisation. It will therefore be of interest to those who know which subject they wish to study at university as well as those who want to keep their options open and explore areas not previously studied at school/college.

The programme's flexible framework enables you to study a broad range of subjects before specialising in one or two areas of interest. Alternatively you can select closely related disciplines so that your programme of study focuses on your subject of interest right from the start.